Mark Lissner Greenberg

the mark olympia is named in memory of - Mark Lissner Greenberg RIP

MARK LISSNER GREENBERG – March 6th 1946 – September 4th 1996

Mark was Lisa’’s stepfather, above is a photo of Mark and another of him teaching Lisa to ride her first bike on xmas morning in 1969 in Berkeley, CA. The name ““The Mark”” is in remembrance of Mark Lissner Greenberg, who was a pioneering computer programmer, engineer and businessman who started one of the worlds first computer companies “North Star”. Mark passed after a long battle with cancer just a few years before the restaurant opened.

Mark was told he would die quickly if he did not commit to another round of chemo therapy. He chose instead to switch to a natural therapy that involved eating an organic diet of mostly whole food and doing a regime of detoxification. His natural therapy gave him an additional three years doctors said he wouldn’’t have. This allowed him the time to travel and adventure though Asia with his girlfriend and then return home to spend  time with his children before the cancer finally won.

The experience of seeing the positive results on Mark’s longevity and quality of life in the last years from his having had a healthier, organic foods diet had a huge effect on Lisa. It became clear that foods sprayed with pesticides, genetically modified, or grown with non-organic soil will in all probability have a negative impact on ones chances of remaining cancer free. This idea of wellness is a big driving force for always striving to find the best locally sourced organic food.