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History – The Mark Olympia was established in 2001, Lisa Scott Owen opened what would become a landmark restaurant in Olympia, WA, The Mark. Her vision was to create an atmosphere of traditional elegance and charm where her guests could experience classic Italian food – the simple clean food of Tuscany with a touch of southern Italy. The Mark has always used organic, locally grown ingredients and it is the oldest organic foods restaurants in Washington State. The Mark serves rustic Italian fare in an attentive, yet subtle manner. The restaurant is well recognized for also having the finest cocktails in Olympia with a sophisticated and extensive bar selection.

Maintaining the original character of the 1940’s modern historical building what was once a tire store, Lisa used recycled building materials and vintage fixtures when possible, creating an elegant retreat for the capital city. The Mark’s signature dark mahogany wood paneled walls and red velvet curtains create the lush atmosphere that provides a warm invitation to a relaxed yet refined dining experience. The large outdoor garden patio area lends itself to casual, warm summer evenings. The Mark is and has always been completely independent and locally owned.

Lisa’s grandfather is an established sculptor a graduate of the New Bauhaus. His work and lifestyle had a strong effect on her as a designer. The love of art and her dedication to the art community is reflected in offering the restaurant as a non-commission gallery space.

The name “The Mark” is in remembrance of Lisa’s stepfather Mark Lissner Greenberg who passed after a long battle with cancer just a few years before the restaurant opened. The experience of seeing the positive results on Mark’s longevity and quality of life in the last years from his having had a healthier, organic foods diet  had a huge effect on Lisa.

In all aspects of its design The Mark celebrates the balance of health and decadence. The Mark has quietly been a modern healthfood restaurant for more than a decade. An Italian version of healthy that includes local grass fed hormone free steaks, fresh organic pasta made with local organic eggs, excellent clean cocktails and wine.

The Mark has become the clear choice when a special event needs to be planned. It has in essence become an extended part of the savvy Olympian’s household or business.