gf -*mixed greens, lightly dressed in *balsamic *extra virgin olive oil

with pecorino romano 7.75

small side 6.00 

fresh mozzarella with *mixed local greens, *oregano lightly dressed in *balsamic and *extra virgin olive oil 14.00

v, gf – side sautéed seasonal *vegetable  6.00


cacio pepe alla la camapana, fettuccine with imported pecorino romano and freshly cracked *black pepper. 11.00

v pasta norma,*rotini in a light *tomato sauce with roasted *eggplant, *garlic, fresh *basil. 14.00

v *penne all’arrabbiata, spicy fire roasted *tomato sauce. 10.75

v *pesto alla romana,*green beans, and *potato with *penne rigate. 18.00

our ragu alla cantinelli, made with locally produced, hormone free, free range, grass fed beef from colvin ranch with *rigatoni. 19.00

gluten free pasta or vegan eggless pasta can be substituted for any of our fresh pastas as well as almond rice bread for bread items, with a change fee of 2.00.

biologico/organic ingredients: *   vegan: v   gluten free:  gf


gf – *red lentil, cruciferous *greens, *vegetable soup garnished lightly with fresh basil and *yogurt 10.00

Meat & Fish Etc. – Cooked on Our Apple Wood Grill

v, gf – solo verdura, *grilled eggplant with sautéed *green beans, and fresh *tomato w/*balsamic  18.00

gf – alaskan sockeye salmon wild/sustainably harvested with *seasonal vegetable  29.00

gf – featured grass fed, free range local steaks from Colvin Ranch, ask server about tonights available cuts sered with *garlic rosemary potatoes  29.00 – 41.00

gf – Available by advance Reservation only Stokesbery farms whole *chicken for two stuffed with *lemon and *garlic baked, then finished on the grill served with seasonal *garlic and *rosemary *potatoes 47.00

consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry or seafood may increase your risk of food-born illness but they may be cooked so at your specification.


Reserve our private rooms for your special events or business dinners….

the *eggs used in our baking come from local stiebrs farms.

we are using *extra virgin olive oil in pastas or salads and *coconut oil on the grill.

summer produce from rising river farm.

organic Ingredients: *   Vegan: v   Gluten Free:  gf

20% service charge on parties of six or larger

corkage fee18.00  split fee 2.00

no alterations