local steamboat island goat farm, aged raw goats milk cheese,

served with local *apricot compote, *walnuts,

*bread and *olive oil 13.00

 manchego: spanish la mancha sheeps milk cheese. aged 4 months with

a rich tangy flavor, served with *bread and *olive oil 11.00

v – basque olives in herbs served with

*bread and *olive oil 9.00

tasting of two aged raw artisan *cheeses from cascadia creamery

sleeping beauty: rich smooth, creamy and glacier blue: a bold, savory blue cheese, served with *bread and *olive oil 17.00

salumi salami a tasting of 3 with aged pecorino,

served with *bread and *olive oil 14.00

thinly sliced prosciutto di parma, fresh mozzarella

and marinated artichoke hearts served

with *bread and *olive oil 18.00

gf – it’s possible to substitute gluten free bread with a 2.00 change fee, making any of our antipasti gluten free.

organic ingredients: *   vegan: v   gluten free: gf


lillet, pims, campari, aperol, cynar, punta mes, ricard, pernod, pastis