Menu The Mark Olympia, The Mark Restaurant: classic Italian, organic.

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here you will find Links to Example Menus celebrating our reliance on local and organic food:


Menu at The Mark Restaurant:

STYLE: Classically Tuscan influenced as this is were the chef lived and studied. With a touch of clean southern Italian cooking from the many years she worked in the company of chefs from that region apon returning to the states. Cucina Rustica, the menu is prepared fresh and in the moment.

ORGANIC: Serving mostly organic product since 2001 then becoming certified organic in 2009.

CUCINA RUSTICA: Simple, classic, Italian influenced recipes–real fresh food of the highest quality.

INGREDIENTS: Most of our ingredients are organic with the exception of a few imported goods (noted on the menu). Pasta is made fresh with organic ingredients and local, organic eggs. Meat is organic, or free range and hormone free, all seafood is wild / sustainably harvested and all cooked on an apple wood grill.

FRESH PRODUCE: Our produce is organic and local as much as possible.

LOCAL: During the our growing season 90% of all our food is sourced within 1 hour of the restaurant from the best local providers available. learn about some of them here: Chefs Blog

COOKING OILS: We cook with organic extra virgin olive oil and organic soy oil for the grill.

DIETARY CONCERNS: Our menu includes options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, low fat, low sugar and lean high protein diets.

Link to: Chefs Journal

TO GO: Available for dinner.

COST: Entrees range from 11.00 to 41.00

DESSERT: All of our baked sweets are made in house, with mostly organic ingredients using local organic eggs and organic dairy (the only exception are some imported cheeses clearly defined as such on the menu–they are not all always available).
Cost of desserts range from 4.00 to 6.00 – Entire cakes 45.00 to 125.00

RESTAURANT: Affordable, stylish yet casual neighborhood setting, for everyday. The Mark has a small nine table dining room with a full bar and a large outdoor patio area. When needed there are two additional elegant private dining rooms and our beautiful Red Room banquet space that can be reserved for all your event needs. We can accomodate even larger events by reserving the entire restaurant.

Link to: Event Planning.



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Wine at The Mark Olympia – Link to our example Wine/Beer List.

The wines featured at The Mark Restaurant represent the work of artisans. Our wine list is meant to complement the menu rather than function as a showpiece.

Whenever possible, wines are selected based on those that favor grapes indigenous to their area of origin. The wine list changes regularly based on availability of the small batch wines we lean towards.

WINE LIST: Designed to complement the menu, most of our wines are from Italy.

WINE COST: Bottle 18.00 – 160.00 | Glass  5.00 – 8.00

CORKAGE FEE: 18.00 per bottle




cocktails the mark restaurant


The Mark Olympia’s superior cocktail menu celebrates the balance of health and decadence giving you the best of both worlds:  Link to Example Cocktail Menu.

More Information about cocktails at The Mark Restaurant:

HOURS FOR COCKTAILS AND ANTIPASTI: 5:00 PM  until to 12:00 PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with the most sophisticated, extensive selection of premium liquors available to you in Olympia.

– Note: if there are no events the restaurant can close as early as 10:00 PM.

ORGANIC PRODUCTS: All dairy, fresh produce, and herbs used in drink preparation are organic.





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Location | Hours

Here you will find both location and hours for The Mark Restaurant in Olympia – “The Mark Olympia”

Address: The Mark Restaurant, 407 Columbia Street SW, Olympia, WA 98501

Phone: 360.754.4414

Hours: Open – Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings
Serving Dinner Menu: from 5pm to 10pm
Serving Antipasti and Dolce with Full bar: from 5pm to 1am
Private Events: open all days and evenings, see Event Planning


map the mark restaurant

From Seattle (I-5 South): Take Exit 105 (keep left at the fork in the ramp), continue onto 14th Ave SE. Turn right on Capitol Way. Turn left at 11th Ave. Turn right on Columbia and continue to 407 Columbia St.

From Portland (I-5 North): Take Exit 105 (keep left at the fork in the ramp), merge onto 14th Ave SE. Turn right on Capitol Way. Turn left at 11th Ave. Turn right on Columbia and continue to 407 Columbia St.




Gift Certificate

gift certificate - the mark restaurant

A gift Certificate from The Mark Olympia is a beautiful way to gift a decadent yet healthful experience to people you care for.

The Mark Restaurant is the type of place where a guest might simply enjoy a lovely dinner. A guest might decide spend an entire evening enjoying good Italian wine with the meal, savoring the in house made desserts.  later they might stay on just relaxing, sharing cocktails and conversation.

Click these links to purchase Gift Certificates, they will be promptly mailed to the recipient of the gift or yourself per your specifications.

gift certificate for $50.00

gift certificate for $100.00


Suggestions about gift certificate amounts for a party of 2:

gift certificate for $50.00 – is generous for a simple dinner

gift certificate for $100.00 – plus if wine and cocktails will be part of the dining adventure.

Our gift shop is located at the website of the wonderful folks at buy olympia! You might enjoy adventuring around their site since they represent many wonderful local artists as well!


Chefs Blog

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Event Planning

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