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My visit to the ranch of our primary beef provider Colvin Ranch was quite an adventure Fred Colvin took me out into the expansive pastures to meet one of his herds of cattle. They came up to check us out right away but my dog “Vino” in the truck started barking so Fred encouraged me to go a little out in the field and stay still, so I did. In minutes I was joined by the herd closer and closer they came to check out the funny human. They are huge some of the bulls seemed the size of small cars eventually they formed a circle around me Fred waited for me at the truck I’m sure amused. I felt a little scared once surrounded due the sheer size of them and that the bulls seemed to randomly start mating,  I really didn’t want to be in the way. Every one was grazing and hanging out they were very friendly curious types, the calfs with there long lashes. Fred shared that they do not harvest calfs and generally all there animals have at least two years of this pretty awesome seeming life.

Seeing the cattle cruzing endless pastures eating grass, hanging with bros and making babies seemed like an ok life. It may sound funny but it makes a difference to me.


We are very proud and happy to be working with Colvin Ranch one of Washingtons oldest family owned cattle ranches. Their beef is free range, hormon free and grass fed start to finish.


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